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Thomas Conway (

John graduated with a BSc. Botany Degree from UCD’s School of Biology and Environmental Science in 2013. In his final year project, he investigated the correlations between leaf morphology and stomatal conductance in a selection of grasses - using a theoretical measure of maximum stomatal conductance (Gsmax) and real conductance measurements.

John is now studying for a PhD with funding provided from UCD’s School of Biology and Environmental Science. John works with Dr. Paul McCabe’s research group who investigate plant programmed cell death (PCD) and the role of cell-cell signalling in plant embryogenesis. John is looking into what impacts changing atmospheric gas concentrations can have on plant cell biology.

Understanding the mechanisms behind changes in plant cell biology resulting from rising CO2 will ultimately function to aid development of mitigation and adaptation strategies against rising CO2 - thereby helping protect crop yields and strengthening food security.



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