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Crissy Evans-Fizgerald (

Evans-Fitzgerald PhotoFunding body: ERC

Crissy Evans-FitzGerald received her B.A in Botany in 2012 from Trinity College Dublin. For her final year project she investigated photosynthesis in Phalaenopsis spp. leaves and aerial roots. She was interested in comparing both physiological and structural attributes of the leaves and aerial roots of fourteen Phalaenopsis hybrids in order to better understand the role(s) of the aerial roots in the functioning of the plant as a whole, including their role in photosynthesis.

Currently Crissy is doing a PhD within the OXYEVOL group, and is using a range of vascular plant groups to examine both developmental and physiological responses to palaeoatmospheric O2: CO2 conditions. She is achieving this through plant growth and competition experiments, for example using infra red gas analysis and chlorophyll a fluorescence procedures. Plant responses will then be interpreted in the context of macroevolutionary patterns in the plant fossil record. 


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