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Lisa KeoghLisa Keogh (

I studied Botany at Trinity College and achieved a 2.1. I was awarded the Senior Edge Prize for my Undergraduate Thesis entitled “Carbon sequestration in soils of the C4 energy crop Miscanthus x giganteus”. This was performed under the supervision of Prof. Mike Jones and the C12:C13 ratio between a barley stand and a grassland that were converted to Miscanthus was traced using stable isotope analysis. This allowed the total carbon stored in the soil to be quantified.

I am currently investigating the impact of elevated [CO2] on the low temperature tolerance of agricultural crops and the origin of agriculture in Europe at P√ČAC in UCD. I am comparing sub-ambient, ambient and double ambient [CO2] to test if this aids plant growth at sub-optimal and optimal temperatures. I have included several agriculturally important species in my analysis as well as einkorn, an ancient relative of wheat hypothesised to be the first domesticated crop. This work is co-supervised by Prof. Bruce Osborne and Prof. Jennifer McElwain and is part of the Earth and Natural Sciences PhD Program and is funded by the Higher Education Authority through the Programme for Research at Third Level Institutions, Cycle 5 (PRTLI-5) and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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