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Diego Piacenti

Diego Piacentini graduated from Sapienza Università di Roma in 2012 with a Bachelorʼ s degree in Environmental Science. In 2014 he completed a Master ʼ s degree in Environmental Monitoring and Recovery at the same university. His Master thesis focused on plant responses to abiotic stress. Specifically, his work focused on the effects of heavy metals both on auxin levels and transport and on the meristem functionality in A.thaliana adventitious roots. In this project A. thaliana transgenic GUS lines and in vitro adventitious root induction were used.

Diego is currently a honorary research fellow at the UCD funded by Sapienza Università di Roma.
His project is focused on the study of the effect of high atmospheric CO2 on phytochelatin synthase enzyme activity, in plants grown in the presence of heavy metals and metal micronutrients.


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