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OXYEVOL: The role of atmospheric oxygen in plant evolution over the past 400 million years

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ERC logoHow did changes in atmospheric O2 and CO2 concentration influence the timing of key evolutionary innovations and shifts in ecological dominance/success of various plant groups throughout geological time?
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Biome-level vegetation response to future global change: implications for future flood risk

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SFI logoInvestigate how plant functional traits and leaf anatomy can be used to improve global climate models to predict future flood risk and to  reconstruct past climatic events.
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The effect of resource use in plant communities: implications for future climate change

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PRTLI logoInvestigate the extent to which optimisation of resource use efficiency through stomatal functioning links to a competitive and ecological advantage within natural plant communities under rising atmospheric CO2.
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Can increased plant diversity in agronomic swards improve adaptation to drought?

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Teagasc logoInvestigate if mixtures of four agronomically relevant plant species show better resistance to and recovery from experimental drought conditions.
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Previous Projects

Arrow MassExtinct
Investigating causes and consequences of biodiversity loss across the Triassic - Jurassic mass extinction event.
Arrow Cenomanian – Turonian OAE
Reconstructing a high resolution record of atmospheric CO2 change across the Cenomanian - Turonian ocean anoxic event (90 Ma).
Arrow Evolution of Sotmatal Funcation
Exploring the evolution of plant stomatal function in a phylogenetic context.
Arrow Palaeoelevation
Using the stomatal based CO2 proxy to investigate the uplift history of major mountains and plateaus.
Arrow Palaeoatmospheric CO2
Development and use of the stomatal CO2 proxy to reconstruct palaeoatmospheric CO2.
Arrow Stable Carbon Isotopes
Uses stable carbon isotopic composition analyses in fossil plants to understand palaeophysiology and reconstruct changing isotopic composition of the atmosphere.




UCD Plant Palaeoecology and Palaeobiology Group Updated: July 2013
Professor J.C. McElwain