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The effect of resource use in plant communities: implications for future climate change

Key Objectives Funding

Investigate the extent to which optimisation of resource use efficiency through stomatal functioning links to a competitive and ecological advantage within natural plant communities under rising atmospheric [CO2].

Improve predictions of climate envelope models in assessing likely range expansion or contraction of species to future climate change.



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Personnel Collaborators
Aidan Holohan


Long term physiological and morphological sampling of plants grown under free-air CO2 enrichment at the University of Giessen FACE site, complimented with chamber experiments at UCD P√ČAC. Hereditary response will be tested by performing reciprocal swaps and randomised block experiments at estimated future elevated atmospheric [CO2] (ambient + 20% IPPC estimates for the next 50 years).







UCD Plant Palaeoecology and Palaeobiology Group Updated: July 2013
Professor J.C. McElwain