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Oifig an Uachtaráin UCD

Strategic Plan 2005-2008

University College Dublin
National University of Ireland, Dublin

This Strategic Plan was presented to and
formally approved by the Governing
Authority of University College Dublin at
its meeting on 21 December 2004.


Download full Report (pdf file, 3mb) | (Irish Version)


Introduction by Dr Hugh Brady UCD President (pdf file) | (Irish Version)


Mission, Vision and Values (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values

Context (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
  • The tradition of Newman
  • The competitive environment
  • Public policy context
  • External review
  • The research-intensive university
  • Developing our capability

Strategic Objectives (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
  • Teaching, learning and student life
  • Research

Supporting the Strategy (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
  • Staff - our primary resource
  • Information systems and infrastructure
  • Governance and management
  • Quality culture
  • Communications, development and alumni relations

Organisational Structure (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
  • The urgent need for academic restructuring
  • Principles and criteria guiding the restructuring process
  • Role of multidisciplinary research institutes and centres

Financial Strategy (pdf file) | (Irish Version)
Strategic Plan 2005-2008