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.ie Domain Registry to Become 
Independent Service

The .ie domain registry has transferred from University College Dublin to an independent company, IE Domain Registry Limited. The new company will operate the registry, which registers and allocates all .ie domain names, on behalf of domain name users.

The .ie domain registry currently has in excess of 17,000 website addresses
registered and handles approximately 600 new applications each month. Further details can be obtained on the .ie domain registry website

University College Dublin has operated the .ie domain registry since its inception and yesterday the UCD President Dr Art Cosgrove commented "We are delighted to have been associated with the creation and development of the .ie domain registry and we wish the operation well in its new existence independent of the University". Mr Mike Fagan, who is to continue as General Manager of the .ie domain registry commented "UCD has helped to nurture the registry from its inception and we all hope today marks the beginning of a new era of continued growth and development for the registry".

Further details are available from Mike Fagan, IE Domain Registry Limited,
 tel: 01-716 2375.
Issued by the Office of Public Affairs, UCD, tel: 01-716 1681. 1 November 2000.

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