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About us

What we do

Most purchasing of goods and services at UCD is devolved to budget units and schools/colleges. Budget and grant holders authorise the use of their funds to purchase goods and services; the actual purchasing is performed by those to whom specific levels of "Purchasing Authority" have been delegated.

Role of Procurement Office

The UCD Procurement and Contracts Office was established in February 2000. Its main objectives are as follows:

  • To ensure that value for money is achieved in all purchasing activity.
  • To ensure that the University’s procurement policies and procedures along with Irish and EU public procurement regulations are known and observed by all staff involved in purchasing goods and services.
  • To streamline, consolidate and, where possible improve on purchasing practices.
  • To provide support to schools/colleges and improve their skills by providing training in purchasing practice and procedure.
  • To develop co-operative relationships between the Procurement Office and University schools/colleges and the other Irish Universities.
  • To compare pricing and methodologies with other institutions to ensure value for money is being obtained.
  • To assist schools/colleges in ensuring that stocks are kept to a workable minimum.
  • To encourage schools/colleges to utilise the running contracts put in place by the University to obtain value for money and better quality and service.


UCD utilizes an online Requisitioning and Purchasing tool.  Budget-holders route approved requisitions to their relevant Buyers, who in turn raise UCD Purchase orders. Over 30 electronic approved supplier catalogues are currently uploaded onto the system.

To become an approved supplier to UCD your company must be successful in securing a contract/framework agreement through a competitive tendering process.

For details of current UCD tenders see www.etenders.gov.ie

Suppliers should note that UCD will only pay invoices where a valid UCD Purchase order has been received.