Our Campus

The School of Psychology is located in sections E1, F2 and G2 of the Belfield Campus (see map).

The Belfield Campus is one of the finest university facilities in Ireland's higher education sector. The new UCD Campus Development Plan 2005–2010–2015 aims to consolidate and enhance this position of pre-eminence by providing future generations with a sustainable, healthy, and living campus.

UCD is committed to providing a pedestrian-friendly campus where students, staff, neighbours, friends and visitors will have a pleasant and memorable encounter with a top-quality modern university campus in a flourishing city and county.

The Plan promotes a coherent land use strategy, based on sustainable principles, which will accommodate the organic and inorganic growth necessary for UCD to respond to the challenges that it faces.
Building on and further developing the quality of the environment is a prerequisite to enhancing the Campus for all its users. The Campus Development Plan includes a number of key principles that will significantly improve the quality of the Campus and its contribution to the wider community.

Key Principles:

  • Acknowledge the role the university plays in the creation of the national knowledge economy and facilitate the co-location of academia and industry on campus to further this objective.
  • Create a modern, vibrant and sustainable campus.
  • Develop an extensive network of pedestrian avenues and boulevards as the main circulation routes within the Campus.
  • Invest in and further develop the sports fields and open spaces to achieve year round availability.
  • Develop and expand the woodland areas in conjunction with a landscaping network.
  • Provide a co-ordinated and sustainable commuting, parking and transportation regime.
  • UCD recognises the significance of the existing campus buildings, many of which feature award winning architecture. In an effort to retain these buildings and provide a balance to the new planned campus development, a refurbishment scheme for existing buildings in need of renovation is currently being progressed. Likewise, an upgrading of campus facilities, including residences, sport and catering, is now underway. In time, real improvements will become apparent.