Sean O’ Donnchadha awarded three year graduate research funding by IRCSET

Tue, 18 May 10 14:46

Fatigue, depression, and anxiety are also common symptoms of this auto-immune disease. However, the longitudinal course of such cognitive and psychological dysfunctions is less clear, as research in this area is scant, and is further complicated by contrasting methodologies between studies. The present study aims to address these issues by assessing a group of MS patients using a battery of optimal cognitive tests, and psychological measures at three time points, over a two year period. These participants will be compared against a healthy control group. The relationships between cognitive decline, fatigue, depression, and anxiety will also be outlined. Additionally, the relationship between cognitive impairment and lesion load and volume, as measured by sophisticated MRI procedures, will also be addressed. To date, studies report weak correlations between test scores and conventional MRI data; the present study, however, aims to support stronger correlations due to the sensitivity of the cognitive measures, and the advanced MRI sequences now available.