Research funding for evaluating Teen Counselling service for adolescents and their families

Fri, 2 April 10 14:56

This approach - Positive Systemic Practice or PSP – has recently been articulated in a treatment manual.  134 adolescents with significant psychological problems and their parents will be assigned to treatment and waiting list control groups. Cases in the treatment and control groups will be matched for gender, age, living arrangements, and problem type. Participants in both groups will be evaluated with psychometric measures of adolescent and family adjustment before and after the treatment group complete 9 sessions of counselling over 16 weeks. The treatment group will also be evaluated at 6-12 months follow-up. Treatment integrity will be assessed during the trial to determine the degree to which counsellors implement PSP as specified in the manual. Counsellors will receive pre-trial training and ongoing supervision throughout the trial to facilitate a high level of treatment integrity. The trial will indicate the degree to which PSP is an effective treatment for adolescent behavioural and emotional problems. The project is being conducted in collaboration with Mary Forrest, Director Teen Counselling Services and her team. Ciara Cassells is the postgraduate working on this project.