New issue of International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology volume 3(1) (2010) (Editor-in-Chief, Prof Aidan Moran, School of Psychology, UCD)

Tue, 20 April 10 14:58

The latest issue (vol 3, 1, 2010) contains five reviews. First, Mark Allen (London South Bank University), investigates the relatively neglected topic of how people’s attributions develop and change over time in sport settings. Next, Denise Hill (University of Gloucestershire), Sheldon Hanton (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff), Nic Matthews (University of Gloucestershire) and Scott Fleming (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff) provides a critical review of the research literature on ‘choking’ in sport (or sub-optimal athletic performance that is typically found in stressful situations). The third paper is a review by Britton Brewer (Springfield College, Massachusetts) of research on the role of psychological factors in athletes’ rehabilitation from sport injuries. Next, Martin Hagger, Chantelle Wood, Chris Stiff (all of University of Nottingham) and Nikos Chatzisarantis (Nanyang Technical University, Singapore) review research on self-regulation and self-control in exercise. Finally, Brett Smith (Loughborough University) provides a review of research in the emerging field of narrative inquiry in sport and exercise psychology. As usual, this issue of IRSEP would not have been possible without the exceptional diligence and help of Kate Kirby (UCD,my Editorial Assistant) and my excellent team of Associate Editors (Dr Cathy Craig and Dr John Kremer, Queen’s University, Belfast), Prof David Lavallee (Aberystwyth University, Wales), Dr Tadhg MacIntyre (University of Ulster) and Prof Nanette Mutrie (University of Strathclyde).


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