UCD Professor Receives Award from European Family Therapy Association

Tue, 2 November 10 15:14

The award was presented by Professor Peter Stratton at EFTA’s 7th triennial conference at the Palais des Congrès in Paris on 31 October 2010. Speaking at the presentation, Professor Stratton said ‘Alan Carr’s textbook - Family Therapy: Concepts Process and Practice – is used around the world for training family therapists, and I gather he currently has the third edition in hand. In this book Alan shows that the way forward for family therapy involves the integration of ideas from many school of therapy, and a commitment to practice that is informed by research. The integrative model presented in this book is an important contribution to our field. Much of Alan Carr’s work over the past 30 years has focused on collating and integrating findings from many research studies, which show unequivocally that systemic therapy works and is highly effective with a wide range of problems. He has presented a cogent scientific argument for the effectiveness of family therapy. For these important contributions to family therapy EFTA is honouring Professor Alan Carr with this award today.’