UCD Psychology Professor Speaks at Arrival of Olympic Torch in Dublin

Wed, 6 June 12 12:08

The purpose of this lecture, which drew a very large audience, was to explore how imagination, or the ability to mentally simulate sensations, actions and other types of experience, can enhance the learning and performance of complex skills in fields such as sport and medical surgery. Having explored how many top athletes (e.g., Michael Phelps) use “mental practice” (i.e., “seeing” and “feeling” an action in one’s imagination without engaging in the actual movements involved) to concentrate effectively in competitive sport, Prof Moran explained some of his recent studies (with colleagues in Imperial College, London) which show that imagery training can enhance laparoscopic medical surgery skills. Finally, based on the latest findings from imagery research in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Prof Moran provided some practical tips on using one’s imagination to improve skilled performance in everyday life.

Pictured at Prof Moran’s lecture were (from left to right): Prof Mac MacLachlan (TCD), Prof Aidan Moran (UCD), Prof Carol McGuinness (QUB; Chair of NIBPS) and Dr Michael Drumm (President, PSI) (photo courtesy of Paul O’Hanlon)