UCD School of Psychology showcases its work in youth mental health at the 15th International Congress of ESCAP: European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Thu, 11 July 13 15:19

Barbara Dooley & Amanda Fitzgerald ‘ The Twin Tracks: Alcohol and mental health in adolescents’

Barbara Dooley & Amanda Fitzgerald ‘My World Survey, an Irish national study on mental health issues in 6,000 adolescents aged between 12 & 18, and ways to address them’

Amanda Fitzgerald & Barbara Dooley    ‘One Good Adult’ as a protective factor in adolescents’ symptoms of depression’

Rachel Kenny, Barbara Dooley & Amanda Fitzgerald ‘Help negation among college students in Ireland’

Lynn McKeague, Eilis Hennessy, Caroline Heary and Claire O’Driscoll ‘Now that I look back I realise that… Young adults’ retrospective accounts of
mental health stigma experienced during childhood and adolescence’

Hollie Byrne, Barbara Dooley & Amanda Fitzgerald ‘Bullying victimization and mental health among adolescents in Ireland- Going deeper with a mixed methods approach’

Fionnuala McEnery, Barbara Dooley & Amanda Fitzgerald ‘Getting the measures of males’

Fiona McNicholas & Barbara Dooley ‘Eating problems in children and adolescents: EPICA’

Fiona McNicholas, Blanaid Gavin, Barbara Dooley, Walter Cullen, Tamsin Ford, Imelda Coyne & Siobhan Barry ‘Transitions in mental health across European boundaries’

Jessica Bramham, Rosemary Peel, Ian Curran, Tara Owens ‘Differential diagnosis of ADHD and depression - symptoms, psychosocial factors and neuropsychological function’