Launch of Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice (Third Edition)

Thu, 28 March 13 16:27

His book was written both as a postgraduate text and a sourcebook for experienced clinicians and researchers. Speaking at the launch. Professor Tom Sexton from Indiana University said ‘I normally don’t like text books. They prevent progress by reiterating what has previously been proposed. However, I like Alan Carr’s book because it critically evaluates former theories of family therapy and integrates these, along with research on process and outcome in systemic practice, into a new model which makes a major contribution to the field. This is why I require my graduate students to read this book, and why the previous two edition were bestsellers. ’

Professor Brian Nolan, Principal of the College of Human Sciences, said ‘I am delighted to welcome such an eminent international scholar to UCD to support the work we are doing here. Professor Sexton is Director of the Center for Adolescent and Family Studies at Indiana University in the USA, a fellow of the American Psychological Association, and former president of the APA Society for Family Psychology.’