Over 90% of UCD Psychology Degree Graduates in Further Education or Employment

Tue, 5 March 13 16:29

For the BA honours degree in psychology 55.85% were in further study or education and 38.5% were in employment (based on 52 respondents).
For the Higher Diploma in Psychology 85.7% were in further study or education and 14.3% were in employment (based on 7 respondents).

For the MLitt/PhD research programme in psychology 33.3% were in further study or education 66.6% were in employment (based on 6 respondents).

The sample of respondents on which this survey was conducted was not fully representative of all graduates from UCD psychology programmes, since the response rate was 76.5%. Nevertheless the overall pattern of responses indicates that the vast majority of graduates from UCD psychology undergraduate and postgraduates programmes proceed to further education or employment.