Postdoctoral Researcher in Youth Mental Health awarded RIA research grant to travel to one of the top ranked medical schools in US.

Sat, 2 March 13 16:31

Amanda will join Professor Barr Taylor’s research group this summer and spend time in his research laboratory. Amanda is currently working with Dr. Barbara Dooley, Senior Lecturer in School of Psychology on a national study of risk and protective factors of youth mental health, called the My World Survey. This work aligns closely with the work of Professor Taylor. Professor Taylor and his group are developing innovative programs to make treatments, proven effective for mental health problems, more cost-effective and available. Research projects include the development of computer-assisted innovative treatments for panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, depression, sleep problem and eating disorders. One such program developed by Professor Taylor and his team includes the Stanford Healthy Body Image program

Amanda will learn about the about the latest developments in electronic and internet-based programs designed to reduce risk, and promote resilience in adolescent and university populations. Amanda’s visit to this world-renowned research institute will be of value to the next step of her work in youth mental health with Dr. Dooley in UCD School of Psychology.
 My World Survey