School of Psychology donates over 50 books to the New UCD Authors Collection

Mon, 1 December 14 15:38

The books cover a range of topics in clinical psychology, sport and exercise psychology, the psychology of disability, social psychology, developmental psychology, and the psychology of language.

Commenting on the donation, Professor Alan Carr, Head of the UCD School of Psychology said  ‘The popularity of books written in the UCD School of Psychology is one way to asses the international impact of our research and scholarship. Some of our volumes have been published in second and third editions. Some have been translated into other languages including Chinese, Korean, Polish and Portuguese. This means that publishers see them as being in high demand by students and practitioners in various fields of applied psychology including clinical psychology, sport and exercise psychology, child development and so forth. These books have also had a significant impact within an Irish context, contributing to key debates, polices and practices within Irish society’.

UCD has throughout its history played an outstanding and pivotal role in the formation of the Irish nation and in the preservation, understanding and transmission of its heritage. UCD staff and alumni have published many of the critical works that have underpinned and influenced polices that have shaped the state. The new UCD Authors Collection will bring together for the first time in one location all of the printed books of current and former UCD academics and prominent alumni. It will be located in the Special Collections section of the UCD James Joyce Library and form part of the overall UCD Heritage Collection.

Some authors of UCD Psychology books, L to R: Dr Muireann McNulty, Professor Aidan Moran, Dr Suzanne Guerin, Professor Alan Carr, Sara Hollwey, Dr Jessica Bramham, and Dr Tina Hickey