International Conference on Alcohol & Drug Use in Young People

Fri, 25 April 08 15:10

A world of solutions

International Conference on Alcohol & Drug Use in Young People
A World of Solutions

Friday 23rd May 2008, O'Reilly Hall, UCD
Hosted by Juvenile Mental Health Matters and UCD School of Psychology.

Peter Sheridan

A recent International Conference on 'Alcohol and Drug Use in Young People: A World of Solutions' was held in O'Reilly Hall on Friday 23rd May. The conference was hosted by Juvenile Mental Health Matters and UCD, School of Psychology. It conference was opened by Mr. Peter Sheridan, who gave a brief outline on one of his current projects 'The Runners', a screenplay documenting the relationship between two young boys lviing in inner city Dublin and the impact drug culture has on their young lives. An extract from this screenplay, adapted from the novel by Fichra Sheridan was performed by Peter, Fichra and two young actors Cian and Leroy. After the opening sequence the conference followed along a more traditional path with presentations from

    * Dr. Howard Liddle, University of Miami, USA; on Effective family-based interventions for young peple who engage in substance misuse;

    * Professor Tracy O' Leary Tevyaw, Brown University, USA; on reviewing the evidence for motivational enhancement and other brief interventions for adolescent substance use; and

    * Dr. John Howard, National Drug and Research Centre. Australia; on Building communities to work effectively with alocohol and drug use in young people.

Dr. Deirdre Palmer, UCD School of Psychology and the HSE, presented an overview on a piece of research conducted within the HSE South East region on young people use of alcholol and drugs, the report (co-authored by Dr. Gary O'Reilly, UCD School of Psychology) was launched at the conference.