Key Publications from the Social and Developmental Psychology Research Group

A sample of some of our key publications in Social and Developmental Psychology

Moane, G. (2014). Postcolonial Psychology and the Irish Psyche. In Tom Inglis (Ed.). Are the Irish Different? Manchester University Press.

Dooley, B., & Fitzgerald, A. (2012). My world survey: National study of youth mental health in Ireland. Headstrong – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health; UCD School of Psychology, Dublin.
Available online at

Dooley, B., & Fitzgerald, A. (2012). Methodology on the My World Survey (MWS): A unique window into the world of adolescents in Ireland. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 7(1), 12–22.

Tatlow-Golden, M., Hennessy, E., Dean, M. & Hollywood,L. (2014). Young children's food brand knowledge. Early development and associations with television viewing and parent's diet. Appetite, 80, 197-203.

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