Key Publications from the Disability and Rehabilitation Research Group

A sample of some of our key publications in Disability and Rehabilitation

Duggan, C., & Linehan, C., (2013). The role of natural supports in promoting independent living for people with disabilities. British Journal of Learning Disabilities, 41, 199-207.
Linehan, C., Tellez-Zentano, J., Burneo, J & Berg, A., (2011). Future Directions for Epidemiology in Epilepsy. Epilepsy & Behavior, 22, 112-117.

Linehan, C., Kerr, M.P., Walsh, P.N., Brady, G., Kelleher, C., Delanty, N., Dawson, F., & Glynn, M (2010). Examining the prevalence of epilepsy and delivery of epilepsy care in Ireland. Epilepsia 51, 5, 845-852.

Here’s our researchers in this field – you can check out their publications on their profile pages