M Litt Research Masters

Course Features

  • Research master's degree for psychology or disability studies graduates
  • One to two years full time or two to four years part-time
  • Opportunity to transfer to PhD programme after one year

Course Overview

The Master of Letters (MLitt) is a research degree for psychology graduates who are considering pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology, disability and rehabilitation, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience or social and developmental psychology. It takes one to two years full-time to complete (or two to four years part-time). You undertake a single research study and write it up as a masters thesis. You may then apply to transfer to a PHd programme or graduate with a terminal MLitt degree award.

Am I eligible for this course?

Candidates may apply for admission to the MLitt research programme if they have obtained, or expect to obtain one of the following:

  • At least an upper second class honours bachelor’s degree in psychology recognised by the Psychological Society of Ireland or by the Psychology Society of the country in which the degree was awarded
  • At least an upper second class honours Higher Diploma in Psychology (conversion course) recognised by the Psychological Society of Ireland or by the psychology society of the country in which the degree was awarded

If you have a masters degree in disability studies and wish to undertake an MLitt, please contact Dr Suzanne Guerin, Director of the UCD Centre for Disability Studies, at suzanne.guerin@ucd.ie 

Application Details

Applicants in the first instance may contact the staff member who they would like to supervise their research. Details of individual academic staff members research interests, lists of their publications, and their contact details are available on the School of Psychology Teaching Staff Page. If you are interested in working with a specific staff member, contact them by email. If a staff member agrees to supervise your research then, you are invited to submit a research proposal to the School of Psychology Research Committee on the Research Graduate Application form. Contact Mary Boyle at mary.boyle@ucd.ie or +353 1 716 8369 for procedures for proposal submission.

Course Fees

For information on course fees please visit the Fees & Grants Office website at www.ucd.ie/fees

Financial Support

Paid tutor or demonstrator positions in the School of Psychology may be available. Tutors provide small group tutorials to undergraduates enrolled in psychology modules. Demonstrators provide small-group support to undergraduates completing laboratory practicals in psychology.

Contact us

For further information about the MLitt, please contact Mary Boyle in UCD School of Psychology at mary.boyle@ucd.ie or +353 1 716 8369