BSc International in Psychology

If you are studying the BSc in Psychology at UCD, you may choose to apply to study abroad for your third year in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany or the US. You apply for this option in second year, spend third year studying abroad, and return to UCD to complete your final, fourth year of study. If you spend this additional year in one of UCD's partnership universities studying your degree, and successfully complete the academic programme abroad as well as in UCD, you will graduate with a BA (International) in Psychology after four years' of study.

Just like the BSc in Psychology, the BSc (International) in Psychology provides a general academic training in psychology and is fully accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland. The BSc and BSc (International) degree in Psychology in UCD is a foundation and gateway for further postgraduate professional training in all branches of psychology including clinical, counselling and health psychology.

The School of Psychology has exchange agreements with the following universities:

  • Université Catholique de l'Ouest, France
  • Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid, Spain
  • Free University, Berlin, Germany
  • Georgetown University, Washington, USA
  • University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Places may be limited and are allocated based on academic performance in the first year of the BA in Psychology degree.

Current UCD Psychology Students
If you are a student in UCD, and wish to find out more about taking this option, please contact the office

Secondary School Students
If you are finishing secondary school and want to complete the BSc (International) in Psychology, then you should apply for the BSc in Psychology. In second year, students are invited to apply for the extra year studying abroad. If you then receive a place and successfully complete the academic programme in UCD and in the university abroad, you will graduate after four year's with a BA (International). To find out how to apply for the BSc in Psychology and to receive updates on information events for secondary school students, please visit and click on the link in the top right of the page Sign up for updates!