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Queries related to quality review can be directed to the UCD Quality Office:

Room 118B
UCD Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Ph. +353 1 716 1036



What is the quality review process at University College Dublin?

The overall aim of the quality review process at UCD is on ongoing improvement. Under the terms of the Universities Act (1997) the University and its constituent units must undergo cyclical internal quality review – typically every 7-8 years. The key stages of internal quality review are the preparation of a Self-assessment Report (SAR) by the Unit under review; a site visit (typically 2-3 days) and consideration of the SAR by a Review Group; publication of a Review Group report incorporating recommendations for improvement; and preparation by the Unit of an improvement plan to address the recommendations. A progress review meeting is held approximately one year after the publication of the Review Group Report to consider how recommendations have been addressed as outlined in the improvement plan.

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Where would I find information and guidance on a unit review process?

Information and guidance on the review process is contained in the Guidelines for Internal Periodic Review and is available on the UCD Quality Office website at or directly from the UCD Quality Office at 7161036.

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