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Queries related to quality review can be directed to the UCD Quality Office:

Room 118B
UCD Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Ph. +353 1 716 1036



What is my role in the quality review of UCD units?

Students may be involved at several stages of the review process. A student representative, for example, participates as a member of the Unit Co-ordinating Committee which prepares a School self-assessment report. Feedback from students should be incorporated into the preparation of the report. Students are invited to meet with the Review Group during their site visit and to comment on all aspects of their student and learning experience. This may involve commenting on the curriculum, accessibility of staff, teaching and assessment methods etc. Students also have an opportunity to view the findings of the Review Group following publication of the report. Units may also choose to involve a student representative in the quality improvement plan process.

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As a student within the University how can I take a proactive role in the quality review process?

Active student participation in the review process can be undertaken in a variety of ways: through participation in staff-student committees; University or unit feedback surveys or focus groups; becoming a class representative; through participation on the unit’s co-ordinating committee; and/or meeting with the Review Group during the site visit.

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What is my involvement during the quality review site visit?

Students meet with the Review Group during their site visit and this normally takes place on the second day of their site visit. Generally the Review Group will meet with representatives from various stages of undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Former students may also meet with the Review Group. Meetings are generally 60 minutes in length and the focus of the discussion typically covers all aspects of the students’ experience of studying at UCD. A briefing document will be provided to students by the UCD Quality Office via the unit.

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What questions will the Review Group ask?

The Review Group will read the Self-assessment Report provided by the Unit, which will contain student feedback as part of its discussion. The Review Group uses the site visit to verify and discuss the content of the SAR report. Therefore the questions asked may vary, but should cover areas such as registration, teaching methods, examinations and assessment, student support facilities, research methods, staff accessibility, etc.

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