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Queries related to quality review can be directed to the UCD Quality Office:

Room 118B
UCD Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Ph. +353 1 716 1036


UCD Human Resources



Partnering Through the Process - Informed by our experience and aligned to your needs

 “The best way to effect quality assurance, quality improvement and accountability is through continuous quality improvement based on collaboration and the development of a learning organisation” (UCD Guidelines for Internal Periodic Review).

This aim aligns with that of UCD HR, to work as a strategic partner to enable continuous development of the University and the local Academic and Support Units through the quality review process, while ensuring that the Schools and Units retain ownership of the decisions and actions arising. 


How does this work?

For the purposes of the Quality Review, HR Partners and Strategy & Development are two of the primary areas within UCDHR who work with local senior managers to optimise the organisational effectiveness of Schools and Units through the Quality review process. As a collective consultancy, UCD HR offers a bespoke service to Schools and Units aligned with their requirements and needs during their Quality Review journey, from the Self-assessment Report (SAR) to the implementation of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).


Benefits of UCD HR Support

 Benefits include:

  • Work collaboratively to present a tailored suite of services for Schools and Units to meet specific needs for their quality review;
  • Deliver specialist skills and expertise to support Schools and Units to undertake their self-assessment activities;
  • Partner with Schools and Units to support the people and organisational recommendations and QIP.


HR Support Model for the Quality Review Process 

The Quality Review Process is designed to be a self-reflective exercise managed and owned by the Academic (College/School/Research Institute) and Support units. Through collaboration with the SAR Co-ordinating Committee, UCD HR can facilitate those undergoing review in conducting the people and organisational aspects of this process.

To support this process UCD HR operates a three step model in partnering with Schools/Units during their Quality Review: (1) Collaboration (2) Support & Delivery (3) Post Review Support

 ‌UCDHR Supports for Review Model


As a preliminary step, HR will meet with Heads of School/Unit or committee representatives to discuss the desired approach and span of their School/Unit needs and requirements. We aim to understand the current environment within School/Unit and the desired outcome for the School/Unit undergoing review.

This conversation will enable us to acquire a deeper understanding of the context to accurately reflect how we can best support the committee throughout the process. It is an opportunity for the School / Unit to seek advice with HR on potential activities applicable to the process.

It is envisaged that at the end of this consultation there is a clear needs analysis which outlines the level of support HR can provide.

Support & Deliver

Based on the initial consultation and outline of the needs analysis, we will work with the School/Unit to identify and agree specific activities within established timeframes. We will deliver agreed activities which will contribute to the people and organisational aspects of the SAR. We will also participate in the Review Site Visit if requested by the Review Group.

Activities may include:

  • Facilitation Services
  • Focus groups
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) sessions
  • Structured Interviews
  • Customised HR Data Reports
  • Attendance at site visit (as required)

Post Review Support

Additional support from HR is available once the recommendations from the Review Group report have been finalised and accepted by the Quality Office and Governing Authority. HR will build on the relationship with the School/Unit to further support the people and organisational aspects of the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). We will work with you to discuss and assess the ongoing needs and requirements in the School or Unit.


What are the first steps?

Please contact your HR Partner.


Additional Information




UCD HR InfoHub Reports


The following reports are available via UCD InfoHub (login and access required)

- Staff headcounts and FTEs

- Ratio of academic staff to students

- Staff category breakdown

- Academic profiles

- Projected retirements

- Gender breakdown

- Age Profiles