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Queries related to quality review can be directed to the UCD Quality Office:

Room 118B
UCD Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Ph. +353 1 716 1036



Reports are titled by the name of the unit, followed by the month and year the review took place in brackets.

Note: Reports are titled by the name of a unit at the time the review was carried out. This may not reflect the current name or scope of the unit following organisational restructuring at UCD.

Full Report Quality Improvement Plan
UCD School of Geography, Planning & Enviornmental Policy (11/2012) QIP
UCD School of Music (02/2013)UCD School of Music (02/2013) QIP
UCD School of Sociology (03/2013)  ‌QIP
UCD Teaching & Learning (05/2013) QIP 
UCD/Teagasc Collaborative Programmes (12/2012) QIP
UCD Registry (03/2013) QIP 
UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science (04/13) QIP 
UU UCD Joint Programmes Revalidation Report (01/2013)  
UCD Bursar’s Office (09/2013) QIP
UCD Research Institutes (12/13)  QIP
UCD Fudan BSc Computer Science (5/2013) QIP
UCD Quality Office (11/13) QIP