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Queries related to quality review can be directed to the UCD Quality Office:

Room 118B
UCD Tierney Building
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Ph. +353 1 716 1036



University College Dublin is a dynamic community of students, scholars and staff committed to performing at the highest standards.  The University’s aim is to provide a stimulating and innovative environment for teaching, learning and research.  The University wishes to assure quality teaching, learning, research and service delivery through a regular review and improvement process.  Its approach to quality assurance and quality enhancement, as set out in this policy, is to learn from best practice, locally and internationally, and benchmark against leading research universities.  Quality enhancement is the process of continuous improvement. 

The University operates an integrated system for quality assurance and enhancement which contributes to the achievement of the University’s Strategy 2015-2020 (particularly Strategic Objectives 1-6 –

The University is responsible for the academic standards of awards made in its name, and for ensuring that the quality of learning experiences is adequate and appropriate, to enable students to achieve these standards.  In order to discharge those responsibilities, the University has a range of systems and procedures for assuring and enhancing the academic standards of awards and the quality of its educational provision.  These mechanisms include:

A. Regular Peer Review of Academic and Support Units
B. Robust programme approval, monitoring and review processes
C. Module evaluation
D. External Examiner Reports
E. Established procedures for the appointment of staff and a comprehensive range of programmes for their ongoing professional development
F. Student: Staff Consultative Committees or equivalent
G. Systematic student participation and feedback in QA/QE processes
H. Regular review of QA/QE processes

The University’s implementation of its quality assurance and quality enhancement procedures, also enable it to demonstrate how it discharges its responsibilities for assuring the quality and standards of its awards, as required by the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act 2012.

UCD Quality Assurance & Quality Enhancement Policy (Revised 2016)