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Race Advice with James Nolan

James Nolan is a UCD Graduate who was an Irish international runner who competed from 1996 until 2008. He was a two time Olympian who specialized in the 800 metres between 1996 and 2000 before changing to the 1500 metres later that year. He was runner up in the 800 metre race at the European U23 athletics championship in 1999 and runner up over 1500 metres at the European Indoor Championship in 2000. Nolan ran in numerous championships in the years thereafter, racing in over 25 countries during his thirteen year care.

Having graduated from UCD in 2008, which he attended from 1996-2001 on a sports scholarship and then again between 2005-2008 to study for a BSc in Sports Management, James has taken up work as head coaco of the UCD Athletics Squad.


The race will start at 12 noon on Saturday 6th of April 2013.

The best method to produce your optimum performance regardless of ability is to work back-ways from race date.


  • March 30th - April 6th cut back on mileage but include a session on Tuesday that is faster than race pace.
  • February/March:  rotate sessions with 2 days recovery between each hard session.


 Sessions to include

-Over distance (slower than race pace): Tempo runs, 5 x 1 mile etc

-Race pace sessions: 5 x 1k, 7 x 800m, etc

-Faster than race pace. 8x 400, 20 x 200m etc



  • Gradually build up your training, quick increases can cause injury & illness, listen to your body if you are tired in training ease back.
  • Sip on water to keep hydrated, always eat a meal within 1 hour of finishing a hard session.
  • On race day arrive early, pick up your number, locate toilets, warm up area and generally get settled and relaxed.
  • Jog 15 min warm up, stretch, drills, strides: Total 35min



Check out for great Race Advice for Kids 


Enjoy the 'Rás UCD' 5k