The Catalogue

Scroll down the table to browse the catalogue. You can order the books by title, author, year of publication and place of publication by clicking on the headers at the top of the table. Clicking on a thumbnail on the left or on a title will open the catalogue record for that specific text.

Each record contains a bibliographical description of the book, copy-specific information and, where available, additional images, links to the relevant entry of the USTC/ESTC or other online catalogues, a link to an online digital version of the same edition of the text where available, and links to the catalogues of all of the libraries involved in the project.

The menu on the right allows you to search any word within the records (try synonyms and spelling variations for more comprehensive results). You can also sort the books by library and by subject by clicking on the corresponding lists on the right.

The ‘Timeline’ and ‘Map’ buttons on the right offer an alternative to the more traditional table view of the catalogue. By clicking on these links, the books will be displayed in a timeline, according to their date of publication, or in a map that shows the geographical regions discussed by each text. The facets on the right remain the same in the table, map and timeline views, and the catalogue can be searched using any of these interfaces. For more information about the catalogue and how to search it, see the 'About' page.

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