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Located in the north of the Delta of the Hanjiang River, Chaozhou city is one of the famous historic cities. It had been the location of Lu Administration, prefecture and capital of dynasties of past ages. It was named Chaozhou originally in the Sui Dynasty (591 AD). Chaozhou City now governs 1 district, 20 towns and 3 small towns and has 1,411 square kilometers in area, and 1.24 million in population. Chaozhou City is surrounded by the Golden Mountain, the Silver Mountain and Hanshan Mountain. The Hanjiang River flows through the city and eight scenes distributed along its both banks. There are many valuable historic relics in Chaozhou city, totally about 600 units and among them 42 are classified as the state, provincial and city's key preservation units of cultural relics, The city's feature is known as "Classic Tourist City" which receives numerous tourists both from abroad and home.

Chaozhou has a long history of handicrafts. It is famous in the world for its traditional drawnwork, Chaozhou embroidery, pottery, porcelain, and woodcut which sell well both on foreign and domestic markets. In recent years a lot of new industries have emerged. Chaozhou is also one of well-known agricultural high production zones in China, with its fine tradition of intensive cultivation and attacking great importance to agricultural science and technology. Many of agricultural and sideline productions gain a great reputation in world markets. With unique styles, the Chaozhou Drama, Chaozhou Music and Chaozhou handicrafts are not only well received by local people, but also loved by overseas Chinese in South-east Asia. As its characteristics of sweet-smelling , thickness, freshness and sweetness, the Chaozhou cooking is enjoying more popularity.