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Administrative Services - Fees & Grants

Seirbhísí Riaracháin - Tailli agus Deontas


Q. What are the charges on the bill?

A. Tuition fees are the University's charges for 3rd level programmes as determined by the Department of Education. Where students are eligible for free fees the funding is provided by the HEA. The Student Contribution for “free” fees students in 2014/2015 will be €2,750.

All students on undergraduate ‘free fees’ programmes pay the Student Contribution of €2,750 in 2014/2015.

Reductions for second and subsequent children take place through the tax system, i.e. all students must pay the €2,750 unless awarded a grant.

The Student Centre Levy also needs to be paid by every student in UCD. In 2014/2015 this is €231.00. This covers the cost of subsidising student activities clubs and societies etc.

Q. I want to pay fees on behalf of a student. What options are there to pay?

A. Credit and Debit card payments may be made online through our UCD Third Party Student Payments page. To dothis the student’s number and date of birth are required. Payment may also be made through the student’s SIS Web. A student’s number and login pin are required for this.

Q. I'm paying my son or daughter's fees, why can’t I get specific information about their account?

A. Although UCD recognise that in some cases parents are paying for their sons/daughters tuition, UCD cannot give out any private information about the student‘s account to their parent/guardian. Under the data protection act, all information that UCD has regarding the student remains private and will not be shared with anybody else under any circumstances.

Q. My son/daughter has got a bill in the post. I don’t understand some of the charges.

A. Fee bills or Giros are issued throughout the year as a reminder for students. These bills show the student’s current charges and payments for that academic year. Charges will show an overall composite fees which is made up of tuition and a student contribution charge. There will also be a student centre levy shown. In some cases there may be the health centre levy, re-sit or substitute module fees. If this is still unclear you click here.

Q. I would like a receipt for tax purposes

A. Please see this webpage for instructions: