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Administrative Services - Fees & Grants

Seirbhísí Riaracháin - Tailli agus Deontas

2015/16 UNDERGRADUATE Non eu international Fees

University College Dublin is not bound by any error in, or omission from, the following information.

Tuition fees, the Student Contribution Charge, the Student Centre Levy and other charges are subject to change each year.

1. The fees shown below for 2015/16 are inclusive of a Student Contribution Charge and a Student Centre Levy.
2. Unless otherwise indicated all fees listed cover one academic year.

International Degree Programmes
Course Code Executive Title Fee 2015/2016 €
DN250 Agricultural Science - Omnibus €20,400.00
DN250 (AES1) Agri-Environmental Sciences €20,400.00
DN250 (ACP1) Animal & Crop Production €20,400.00
DN250 (ASC1) Animal Science €20,400.00
DN251 Animal Science - Equine €20,400.00
DN252 Dairy Business €20,400.00
DN250 (ENT1) Engineering Technology €20,400.00
DN250 (FAM1) Food & Agribusiness Management €20,400.00
DN261 Food Science €20,400.00
DN271 Forestry €20,400.00
DN272 Horticulture, Landscape & Sportsturf Management €20,400.00
DN262 Human Nutrition €20,400.00
DN300 Veterinary Medicine (commencing in 2015/16) €29,500.00
DN300 Veterinary Medicine (commencing in 2014/15 and prior) €28,200.00
DN310 Veterinary Nursing €20,400.00
DN550 Social Science €16,900.00
DN210 Archaeology & Geology €20,400.00
DN510 Economics €16,900.00
DN671 Economics and Finance €16,900.00
DN512 Drama & English €16,900.00
DN511 English €16,900.00
DN513 English with Film €16,900.00
DN514 Planning, Geography and Environment Policy €16,900.00
DN515 History €16,900.00
DN541 Arts (International) Modern Languages €16,900.00
DN531 International French €16,900.00
DN532 International German €16,900.00
DN533 International Spanish €16,900.00
DN517 Music €16,900.00
DN518 Philosophy €16,900.00
DN519 Psychology €16,900.00
DN519 Psychology - Stage 2 TBC
DN500 Arts - Omnibus €16,900.00
DN230 Actuarial & Financial Studies €16,900.00
DN660(2) Business (Chinese Studies) €16,900.00
DN610 Business and Law €16,900.00
DN650 Commerce €16,900.00
DN660(2) Commerce (International) €16,900.00
DN615 BCL/ Maitrise €16,900.00
DN600 Law €16,900.00
DN624 Law with Economics €16,900.00
DN616 Law with French Law €16,900.00
DN621 Law with History €16,900.00
DN623 Law with Philosophy €16,900.00
DN622 Law with Politics €16,900.00
DN600* Law with Social Justice €16,900.00
DN100 Architecture €20,400.00
DN120 Landscape Architecture €20,400.00
DN150 Engineering - Omnibus €20,400.00
DN140 Structural Engineering with Architecture €20,400.00
DN400 * Medicine [See note below re additional costs] €48,000.00
DN451 Children's & General Nursing (integrated) €20,400.00
DN450 General Nursing €20,400.00
DN461 Mature Applicants Children's & General Nursing (integrated) €20,400.00
DN460 Mature Applicants General Nursing €20,400.00
DN462 Mature Applicants Midwifery €20,400.00
DN463 Mature Applicants Psychiatric Nursing €20,400.00
DN452 Midwifery €20,400.00
DN453 Psychiatric Nursing €20,400.00
DN420 Physiotherapy [See note below re additional costs] €20,400.00
DN410 Radiography [See note below re additional costs] €29,000.00
DN425 Health and Performance Science €20,400.00
DN430 Sports and Exercise Management €20,400.00
DN200(3) Biochemistry & Molecular Biology €20,400.00
DN440 Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences €20,400.00
DN200(3) Neuroscience €20,400.00
DN200(3) Pharmacology €20,400.00
DN201 Computer Science €20,400.00
DN200(3) Physics with Astronomy & Space Science €20,400.00
DN200(3) Mathematical Science €20,400.00
DN200(3) Climate & Earth System Science €20,400.00
DN200(3) Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology €20,400.00
DN200 Science - Omnibus €20,400.00
DN200(3) Theoretical Physics €20,400.00
DN301 Veterinary Medicine - 4 year grad entry- (commencing in 2015/16) €34,900.00
DN301 Veterinary Medicine  4 year grad entry- (commencing in 2014/15 and prior) €33,500.00
DN401 Grad Entry Medicine (commencing in 2013/14 & prior) €48,000.00
DN401 Grad Entry Medicine (commencing in 2014/15) €50,000.00
NOTE: All students entering Medicine, Radiography and Physiotherapy are required to demonstrate evidence of immunity to certain infectious diseases (Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis).

Students are required to pay an additional Healthcare Screening cost (indicatively this was €225 in 2014/15)

*Some discounts are available to students entering through recognised recruitment streams where specific government sponsorship or agency discounts may apply. Current student recruitment pathways include Atlantic Bridge, IUMC and Penang Medical College.

For students entering DN440, Bio Medical Health and Life Sciences, a Healthcare Screening charge will apply. This charge will automatically be added to fee accounts for students who are completing this programme.