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Administrative Services - Fees & Grants

Seirbhísí Riaracháin - Tailli agus Deontas

International Non EU Occasional and Study Abroad Fees

Note: This webpage and any associated pages from Administrative Services, UCD Registry are the only official webpages where UCD fees are published. Any fees quoted on any other site, such as by a School, Programme or Graduate School are for guidance only.

University College Dublin is not bound by any error in, or omission from, the following information.

Important Note: Tuition fees are subject to change year-on-year; the fee that applies to your programme is the current year fee.

Fees published for the Colleges below are inclusive of a Student Contribution Charge and a Student Centre Levy which must be paid by all students. The Student Contribution Charge for 2015/16 is €3,000. The Student Centre Levy for 2015/16 is €247.

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College School Major Code Major Description Mode (FT/PT) nonEU
Agriculture Food Sci & Vet Med Ag, Food & Vet Admin Office CA11 Study Abroad Ag,Food&Nut Sem1 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CA20 SWB Ag Aca Prg Sem 1 (UG) FT 9,300.00
    CA21 SWB Ag Aca Prg Sem 2 (UG) FT 9,300.00
    CA22 Study Abroad Ag,Food&Nut Sem2 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CA23 Study Abroad Ag,Food&Nut FYr FT 18,000/16,000*
    CA24 SWB Ag Aca Prg Full Year (UG) FT 18,000/16,000*
Arts & Celtic Studies C.O. - Arts & Celtic Studies CF06 Study Abroad Clinton FT 7,250.00
    CF12 Study Abroad Arts&CS Sem1 FT 7,250.00
    CF13 Study Abroad Arts&CS Sem2 FT 7,250.00
    CF19 Study Abroad Arts&CS Full Year FT 14,500.00
Business & Law Business CB04 Summer Internship FT 4,100.00
    CB20 Study Abroad Business Sem1 FT 7,250.00
    CB21 Study Abroad Business Sem 2 FT 7,250.00
    CB25 Occasional Business (UG) FT 9,800.00
    CB58 Study Abroad Business FullYear FT 14,500.00
  Law CB53 Study Abroad Pre-Law Sem 1 FT 7,250.00
    CB54 Study Abroad Pre-Law Sem 2 FT 7,250.00
Engineering & Architecture Eng & Arch Admin Office CC08 Study Abroad Architecture Sem 1 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CV10 Study Abroad Engineering Sem 1 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CV11 Study Abroad Engineering Sem 2 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CV17 Architecture International Summer School FT 2,500
    CV18 SWB Eng & Arch AcaPrgSem1(UG) FT 9,300.00
    CV19 SWB Eng & Arch AcaPrgSem2 (UG) FT 9,300.00
    CV20 Study Abroad Architecture Sem2 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CV21 Study Abroad Architecture Full Year FT 18,000/16,000*
    CV22 Study Abroad Engineering Full Year FT 18,000/16,000*
    CV23 SWB Eng & Arch AcaPrgFYr (UG) FT 18,000.00
Health Sciences Health Sciences Admin Office CT10 Study Abroad NMHS Sem 1 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CT35 Study Abroad NMHS Sem 2 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CT36 Study Abroad NMHS Full Year FT 18,000/16,000*
  Nursing,Midwifery & Health Sys CT26 Occasional NMHS Summer/2 FT 1,300.00
    CT28 Occasional NMHS Summer/6 FT 3,900.00
  Public Hlth, Physio & Pop Sc CT23 Study Abroad Sport & Ex Sem1 FT 7,250.00
    CT24 Study Abroad Sport & Ex Sem2 FT 7,250.00
    CT25 Study Abroad Sport & Ex FYr FT 14,500.00
    CT27 Pre-PhyTherapy Study Abr Sem1 FT 9,300.00
    CT34 Study Abroad Sport & Ex Summer FT 4,750.00
    CT37 Pre-PhysTherapy Study Abr Sem2 FT 9,300.00
    CT38 Pre-PhysTherapy Study Abr F Yr FT 18,000.00
Human Sciences C.O. - Human Sciences CD19 Freshman Study Abroad Sem 1 FT 9,300.00
    CD20 Freshman Study Abroad Sem 2 FT 9,300.00
    CD21 Freshman Study Abroad Full Yr FT 18,000.00
    CD23 Freshman Study Abroad Sci S1 FT 9,300.00
    CD24 Freshman Study Abroad Sci S2 FT 9,300.00
    CD25 Freshman Study Abroad Sci FYr FT 18,000.00
Science Science Admin Office CC14 Pre Med Study Abroad Sem 1 FT 10,300.00
    CU10 Study Abroad Science Sem1 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CU11 Study Abroad Science Sem2 FT 9,300/8,300*
    CU17 SWB Science Aca Prg Sem 1 (UG) FT 9,300.00
    CU18 SWB Science Aca Prg Sem 2 (UG) FT 9,300.00
    CU19 SWB Science Aca Prg FulYr (UG) FT 18,000.00
    CU20 Study Abroad Science Full Year FT 18,000/16,000*
    CU21 Pre Med Study Abroad Sem 2 FT 10,300.00
    CU22 Pre Med Study Abroad Full Year FT 20,000.00
*Lower rate is applicable when registration includes 2 modules from Colleges of Arts & Celtic Studies, Human Science or Business