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Student Card / UCard

It is a requirement for all registered students to carry a valid UCard. All students should go to the UCard Bureau for new, lost, stolen or broken student cards (UCards). The UCard Bureau is located in Arts JK Area, Newman building, just inside the CopiPrint Bureau. Please see the map below. Contact the UCard Bureau directly here.

Map of UCard Bureau

Your UCARD on campus:

As well as being the single most important piece of ID you possess during your time here your UCARD entitles you to a range of university facilities including:

  • access to the library
  • the facility to borrow books from the library
  • admission to UCD student facilities
  • printing at Copi-Print stations
  • purchasing food in the restaurant
  • paying for your laundry if you are in campus accommodation

In addition to this, your UCARD is accepted as official identification in the following situations:

  • when required to confirm that you are a student in UCD
  • if a member of staff requests it as proof of identity. A member of staff is also entitled to retain the card if they feel it necessary. However you must be provided with a receipt if this occurs

Your UCARD may also be required in other circumstances and for access to other facilities. Please note that UCARDs are not required for access to Blackboard or for electronic journals on the library website.

Your UCARD is non-transferable, and remains the property of the University at all times. If you decide to withdraw during the course of your programme, on either a permanent or a temporary basis, you must return your UCARD.

For Part-time Students who are only on campus periodically speak to your course coordinator or mail the UCARD office direct on ucard@ucd.ie

Check out this Video on using your Student ID/UCARD

For further information on UCARD and its uses please click on the following link:

It is your responsibility as a student to familiarise yourself with the full terms of use in relation to the UCARD. These are available here.

Information on uploading your photo for your UCard can be found here