Progression from QQI-FET Social Policy and Sociology

This three-year BSocSc Social Policy & Sociology degree is a Joint Major in Social Policy and Sociology. This degree was previously named the BSocSc in Social
Science. Graduates often progress to further study to become social workers and related professions.

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How do I get in by this route?

Entry to the first year of Social Policy and Sociology (DN750) is available on a competitive basis to students who have attained the relevant awards with the required modules and results.

What awards are acceptable?

Pass in the following QQI-FET Level 5 awards with distinctions (80% or better) in a minimum of 5 modules:

DCHSX or 5M4468 Community Health Services
ELAXX Liberal Arts
5M3114 General Studies
EASSX or 5M2181 Applied Social Studies
5M4732 Youth Work
5M3050 Community Development
5M2786 Community Care

What modules are required?

No specific modules are required so long as you have obtained the award with a minimum of 5 distinctions.

How will I be assessed?

If there are more applicants than places, it will be competitive amongst eligible applicants based on QQI-FET scoring.


All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university