Progression from QQI-FET Science

UCD has the largest Science programme in the country, providing degree courses in biological, chemical, geological, mathematical, physical and computer sciences delivered by lecturers at the forefront of both teaching and research. The primary degree awarded, following completion of the four-year Science programme, is a Level 8 Honours Bachelor of Science degree (BSc).

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What awards are acceptable?

Entry to first year Science (DN200) is available on a competitive basis to students who satisfy each of the following:

Pass in any one of the following QQI-FET Level 5 awards with distinctions in a minimum of 5 modules:

CASLT or 5M3807 Laboratory Techniques
CELTX Electronic Technology (Ended June 2016)
CITXX Information Technology (Ended Dec 2015)
5M2768 Animal Care

What modules are required?

The award must include distinctions (80% or better) in the following modules:

  C20139 or 5N1833 Mathematics
OR C20174 Mathematics for Engineering
OR C20175 Mathematics for Computing
OR Grade O3/H6 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics (note: will be O2/H6 in 2019)

And 2 of the following modules:

5N0750 Animal Anatomy & Physiology
5N0751 Animal Behaviour
C20006 or 5N2746 Biology
C20011 or 5N2747 Chemistry
C20012 Computer Architecture and Systems
C20013 Computer Programming
C20016 or 5N1606 Electronics
C20018 or 5N1774 Electronics-Digital
C20033 or 5N2751 Laboratory Skills
C20040 or 5N1638 Mechanics
C20048 or 5N1460 Physics

How will I be assessed?

If there are more applicants than places, it will be competitive amongst eligible appliants based on QQI-FET scoring.


All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university