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Semester 2 Transfers

Sememster 2 Transfers - Indicative Places

UCD Students only
This page is for stage 1, Semester 2 transfers. An indicative number of places is shown below based on history. Applications will open on 1 November 2018 and close on 1 December 2018. The places shown below are indicative only. There is no guarantee that there will be places available in any course. If any places remain available or have recently become available applications will re-open from 5-9 January 2019.

Note: if you have already started an application use this link to access it.

Non-EU applicants apply via International Office.

CAO Code Major Title Number in 2017 Comments Apply Now
Architecture and Engineering
DN100 SSS1 Architecture 0  


DN120 LDS2 Landscape Architecture 0



DN150 NUS1 Engineering  2    
DN514 VVS1 Planning, Geography and the Environment 0    
DN200 SCU1 Applicants can choose one of      
    Biology. Biomedical and Biomolecular 5 The following subject areas will not be available as degree majors:
Pharmacology, Physiology, Neuroscience.
    Chemistry and Chemical Sciences 5    
    Mathematical, Physical and Geological Sciences 5    
DN201 CSSA Computer Science 1    
DN230 BSS3 Actuarial & Financial Studies 0    
Agriculture and Food Science
DN250 CPS1 Agriculture: Animal and Crop Production 1    
DN250 ANS1 Agriculture: Animal Science 1  
DN250 ETS2 Agricultural Systems Technology 1  
DN250 FAS1 Agriculture: Food & Agribusiness Management 1  
DN250 EQS1 Animal Science - Equine 1  
DN250 UAS1 Agriculture undenominated 1    
DN252 DBS1 Dairy Business 1    
DN253 ESS1 Agriculture: Agri-Environmental Sciences 1    
DN261 FSS2 Food Science 1    
DN262 HMS1 Human Nutrition 1    
DN271 FOS1 Forestry <5    
DN272 HLS1 Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management <5    
Veterinary Medicine
DN300 VTS1 Veterinary Medicine 0    
DN310 VTS2 Veterinary Nursing 0    
Medicine and Radiography
DN400 MDS2 Medicine 0    
DN401 MDS9 Medicine Graduate Entry 0    
DN410 MDS4 Radiography 0    
DN440 BHS1 Biomedical, Health and Life Science 3    
Physiotherapy and Sports Science
DN420 MDS5 Physiotherapy 0 NB there are graduate entry options  
DN425 MDS8 Health and Performance Science 0    
DN430 SMS2 Sports and Exercise Management 1    
DN450 NSS1 General Nursing 0    
DN451 NSS3 Children's and General Nursing 0    
DN452 NSS4 Midwifery 0    
DN453 NSS8 Mental Health Nursing 0    
DN500 BAU1 Arts <20 There may be no availability in some subject areas.  
DN510 ECS1 Economics 0    
DN511 ENS1 English 1    
DN513 ENS3  English with Film 1    
DN515 HSS1 History 1    
DN519 PCS1 Psychology 1    
DN541 BAU4 International Languages 1 There may be no availability in some subject areas.  
Social Science
DN550 SBU1 Social Science <5    
DN600 LWS6 Law 1    
DN610 BSJ4 Business and Law 0    
DN650 BSS1 Commerce 0    
DN660 BSW1 Commerce International 0    
DN670 BSS2 Economics and Finance 0    

If you are considering a transfer please check the fees implications at www.ucd.ie/fees.

Some programmes will not normally consider applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar programme - full details are on the restrictions page.

The above is summary information only. Full regulations are included in the transfer protocol.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university