RPL Information for Staff

Assessing certificated learning applications

In assessing learning accredited at another Higher Education Institute, the following information should be considered:

In assessing applications relating to learning previously accredited at UCD, such applications are normally submitted as part of a transfer application where the modules do not automatically map to the programme a student is transferring into. Alternately, they may relate to UCD pre-modular achievement credits. In such cases, the following information should be considered:

Assessing experiential learning applications

Applicants are advised of a number of approaches to mapping and assessing prior experiential learning in order to demonstrate learning outcomes. They are asked to provide information according to the following areas:

They are further advised that they may also be required to do one or more of the following:

In assessing experiential learning applications, the following questions should be considered:

Notifying applicants of decision

Applicants should be informed of the RPL outcome/status of their application within four weeks of submission.

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