Applying to UCD

There are a number of different routes by which applicants apply to UCD.


In general EU applicants to UCD apply via CAO (exceptions to this are distance and online learning and applicants who are seeking to enter with advanced standing).

UCD Registry - Admissions is responsible for assessing applications and allocating places to meet the agreed quotas which are supplied to admissions by 1 March prior to entry.

More information about applying via CAO...

  Apply to UCD  

The following applicants apply direct to UCD via UCD Applications.

  • Graduate Taught applicants with the exception of those listed below
  • Graduate Research (but not for all programmes)
  • Applicants for certificates and diplomas
  • International (non-EU students) for undergraduate programmes
  • Exchange students (e.g. Erasmus)
  • Post stage 1 undergraduate transfer applicants

  • UCD Registry - Admissions' role in this is managing the application system. Decisions are made by programme areas or by UCD International



    Transfer   Transfer applicants:

    Please see details of the roles and responsibilities in this process.

    Applications for the

  • Professional Master's in EducationĀ and the
  • Gradudate Diploma in Nursing (Public Health)
  • must be made through theĀ Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC).

    We also accept applications for some programmes via SpringBoard.

  • to undergraduate degrees apply via CAO for stage 1 (NB must declare previous third level) or direct to UCD for post stage 1.  
  • Postgraduate transfer applicants apply direct to UCD in the normal way and may apply for recognition of prior learning.    


    Admissions also manages the Student Vetting process.