Guidance Counsellors

The Admissions team, led by Jill O'Mahony, works closely with the Student Recruitment team to provide students with the information they need to make informed decisions when it comes to making their choices in the CAO system.  We recognise the valuable role that Guidance Counsellors play in this and are keen to assist you.

Two mailings per academic year are sent to Guidance Counsellors. For details on these mailings, please see the links below.

Information sent to Guidance Counsellors 

Mailing 1 (mid-September) includes:    Recent Alert Lists: 
Prospectus    Update July 2017
Summary Entry Requirements leaflet    Update May 2017
Summary Entry Requirements booklet   February 2017
Alert List   September 2016
    February 2016 
Mailing 2 (mid-January) includes:    September 2015 
Summary Entry Requirements (if updated)    February 2015 
Alert List    October 2014 

Useful Links

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