Courses Requiring Vetting

Undergraduate Programmes


DN200 Mathematics and Science Education (MATH 10410)
bullet DN262 Human Nutrition (HMS1)
bullet DN400 Medicine (MDS2)
bullet DN401 Medicine Graduate Entry (MDS9)
bullet Medicine Penang (MDSF)
bullet DN410 Radiography (MDS4)
bullet DN420 Physiotherapy (MDS5)
bullet DN430 Sports and Exercise Management (SMS2)
bullet DN450 General Nursing (NSS1)
bullet DN451 Children's and General Nursing (NSS3)
bullet DN452 Midwifery (NSS4)
bullet DN453 Mental Health Nursing (NSS8 - previously NSS2)
bullet DN600 Law - Human Rights Education (Module Law 37410)
bullet Mathematics University Ambassadors Scheme (MST 30060)
bullet Diploma in Community Drugs and Alcohol Work (W287) (not needed from Sept 2016 entry)
bullet Diploma in Drugs Counselling Theory and Intervention Skills (W286)
bullet Diploma in Emergency Medical Science (X485) carried out by the HSE
Graduate Programmes
bullet Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Science - Advanced Paramedic (X488) carried out by the HSE
bullet Graduate Diploma in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy (X317)
bullet Graduate Diploma Inclusive and Special Education (W424) (previously Graduate Graduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs (W011))
bullet MA Educational Psychology (W094)
bullet MSocSc Social Work (W174 full time, W175 part time)
bullet MSc in Child Art Psychotherapy (X348) subject to approval
bullet MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (X723/X820)
bullet MSc in Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing (F020 full time, F021 part time)
bullet MSc in Emergency Medical Science (Advanced Paramedic) (X490) carried out at Graduate Diploma
bullet MSc in Emergency Medical Science (Immediate Care) (X425)
bullet MSc Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy (X318)
bullet MSc Physiotherapy (pre-registration) (X543)
bullet Professional Masters in Education (W327)
bullet Professional Masters in Physiotherapy (X784)
bullet Professional Masters in Social Work (W426)
bullet Professional Doctorate in Educational Psychology (W334 full time, W335 part time) subject to approval
bullet PhD in Clinical Psychology (W324)
bullet DPsychSc (Clinical Psychology) (W084)

Vetting is also required for UCD Volunteers Overseas

In addition some courses require health screening.

Full regulations are included in the Garda Vetting Policy.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university.