Applying as a Mature Student

Can I apply as a mature student?

If you are at least 23 year of age on 1 January of the year you want to enter, you can apply on grounds of mature years.

To enter in September 2018, you must have been born on or before 1 January 1995.

How do I apply as a mature student?

To apply as a mature student to UCD, please follow these five steps:


one   Research the courses offered by UCD

two   Read the additional information for Mature Applicants

three   Apply to the CAO by 1 February

four   Apply for Assessments (if required)

five   Provide Supporting Documents

1: Research the courses offered by UCD

The first step is to research what is on offer and decide which courses are best suited to your skills and interests. Take a look at the range of courses on offer in UCD. The UCD Undergraduate Prospectus gives detailed information on UCD courses plus additional relevant information for applicants.

Courses which accept applications on the grounds of mature years are listed in the Course Specific Information section which gives details of what you need to do to apply..

2: Read the additional information for Mature Applicants

You will find detailed information on the requirements to apply for each degree programme as a mature applicant in the Course Specific Information section.

3: Apply to the CAO by 1 February

Applications to UCD on the grounds of mature years are made via the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1 February.

Full details of the application process and payment for EU applicants are available on the CAO website.

If you are a non-EU applicant you should visit the UCD International website for information on applying to UCD.

Some courses may accept late applications until 1 May. Please note that late applications are subject to availability of places.

There is no separate application to UCD, although some courses require specific additional information or assessments (see below).

4: Apply for Assessments (if required)

Several courses in UCD require mature applicants to complete an assessment as part of the application process:

  • MSAP-Ireland (for Arts, Social Science, Law, Agricultural Science and Science applicants)
  • HPAT-Ireland (for undergraduate Medicine applicants)
  • Nursing Written Assessment - Please see Nursing Careers for details

  • 5: Provide Supporting Documents

    As a mature applicant you are seeking to be assessed for entry on more than just your academic qualifications. This means that you will need to provide supplementary information in addition to your completed CAO application form.

    Information such as a CV, personal statement, certificates of any courses previously taken, or examination results (where necessary) should be sent to the CAO within 7 working days of completing your CAO application.

    Detailed information on the requirements for each course can be found in the Course Specific Information section. In particular, some courses require you to submit a separate Personal Statement.

    A general Personal Statement template which may assist you in formatting your statement is available here.

    N.B. Applications are usually forwarded to the relevant Programme Boards for consideration in mid-March. Documents received after that may not be considered.

    If you have completed school leaving examinations, you may also be eligible to compete on points. If you completed the Irish Leaving Certificate in 1986 or later please ensure that you include your examination number in your CAO application. If the exams were taken prior to 1986, or are from another country, you should include an official copy of your results. Mature applicants can be considered on multiple grounds (e.g. mature, QQI-FET, Leaving Certificate) so please ensure you provide all relevant results.

    Where can I find out more?

    Mature Student home page   Access Routes   Supports for Mature Students
    Programme Specific Information   News for Mature Applicants   Finance
    Personal Statement Template   Frequently Asked Questions   Contacts
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