Transfer/Re-admission to Semester 1 Stage 1

Am I eligible?

bullet You must meet the subject entry requirements for the course.
bullet If you didn't have these in your school-leaving exams, it may be possible to meet them from your university examinations (see 8.3 of Transfer Protocol).
bullet Some courses have restrictions for applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar course elsewhere.

How many places are there?

There are no special places reserved. Transfer applicants compete with school-leavers.

How will I be assessed?

If you are eligible you will be assessed on the basis of your school-leaving results in competition with other applicants. We do not award additional points for previous third level attendance.

If you are admitted to UCD, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning for any modules which overlap with your previous study.

How do I apply?

Closing date for registered students
22 July

Application is made to CAO and the normal closing date is 1 February. You must declare your previous third level attendance on your application.

However, except for restricted application courses and entry routes, there is a special late closing date of 22 July for students who are currently registered in a participating higher education institution. To avail of this date, the form must be stamped by your institution to show you are a registered student.

Note: if you are not currently registered in a HEI normal CAO closing dates of 1 February for restricted courses and entry routes and 1 May for others, apply.

Applications open mid November

Apply to ucd


If you are considering a transfer please check the fees implications at

Some programmes will not normally consider applicants who have been unsuccessful in a similar programme - full details are on the restrictions page.

The above is summary information only. Full regulations are included in the transfer protocol.

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.
All students must comply with the general regulations of the university