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We are responsible for the management of assessment and logistics activities, the development of assessment-related policy, provision of advice and support to students and staff.

Our services centre around two main areas:

Grading Support Team

Grade processing: We manage the process of grading rules and GPA calculations, providing all calculations for programme exam boards and implementing any approved changes ahead of publication of final grades to students.

Assessment support: We provide support for grading reports, MCQ processing, issue of statement of results to final year students, management of academic history. We also develop assessment policy and guidelines, addressing all assessment queries from students and staff.

PhD and Masters Research: We oversee and manage the process of thesis examination from submission through to award, while liaising with both Graduate Schools and examiners.  

Logistics Team

Timetables (incl clashes): We liaise with Schools, Programme Offices and Administrative Services to create the end of semester examination timetables.

Alternate Exam Arrangements - Disability Support (AEADS): We l iaise closely with the UCD Access Centre to ensure that student supports are met during the examination sessions.

Marks and Standards: We collate and publish the Marks and Standards for traditional programmes.

Examination Question Papers: We are responsible for the processing of examination question papers which involves liaising with Schools and printers to ensure the examination question papers arrive at the examination centres. We also ensure past examination question papers are accessible on the web and in the library archives.

Internal and External Payments and Proposals: We manage the capture of information regarding the proposal of Internal and External examiners and we process the Internal Examiner payments and PhD expense claims.

Invigilation: We recruit and assign invigilators to the examination centres and work closely with the invigilators in charge and UCD Services to ensure smooth running of examination sessions.


We hope you find our website informative, if you have further queries please contact

Assessment & Logistics Unit