Examination Paper Production

Notes for Production of Examination Papers

Queries regarding Exam Question papers should be addressed to examlogistics@ucd.ie

Security of Examination Papers

Important procedures

Before exam papers are approved at School level, please note the following:

  1. The Exam paper template for Exam papers and MCQ Exam papers must be used

  2. Exam papers to be submitted in PDF only

  3. If the uploaded exam paper contains colour, comment to be added to EPMS if it is 'ok to copy in black & white'

  4. All exam papers to be reviewed for typos before submission to EPMS

  5. Cover page to include the following:
    • Module coordinator must be marked with an asterisk*
    • Time allowed - check that it matches the published timetable

  6. Cover page to include clear Instructions for Candidates, e.g.
    • Number of questions to be attempted
    • Where text books are permitted, specify name of book, along with the following wording: 'Material must be unmarked apart from any underlining and highlighting'
    • Information regarding the use of dictionaries
    • Type of calculator allowed - specify programmable or non programmable
    • Answer booklets can be used for rough work, but there is no 'rough work paper' (loose sheets)
    • If rough work is required for MCQ exam, the rough work page should be incorporated into the examination question paper with instructions for students to use this page only for rough work
    • If statistical tables or periodical tables will be made available

  7. Cover page to include clear Instructions for Invigilators, e.g.
    • If exam paper must be collected at end of exam (cover page to include space for student to record student and seat number)
    • Where separate answer books are required, exact number of answer books to be specified

  8. Numbering of questions
    • Ensure that the number of questions to be attempted, compulsory questions and choice of questions between sections are clear, unambiguous and correct, and that the correct number of sections and questions are included
    • Questions are to be numbered consecutively, regardless of section, e.g.
    • Section A: Qs 1,2,3,4,5
    • Section B: Qs 6,7,8,9,10 etc.

  9. Pagination
    • Each page to be numbered at the bottom of the page (including cover page) and to include the total number of pages e.g. 1 of 7, 2 of 7 etc
    • Make sure that the end of a question does not fall onto the next page; try to keep all of the question and its options/sections together (especially MCQs)
    • Mark the end of the exam paper with "oOo", centred, at the bottom of the last page