Guide to Organising In-Semester Examinations

This page is intended to provide staff in Schools with a brief outline of procedures to follow if organising an in-semester examination.

Hall and Room Bookings:

Ordering Scripts:

Examination Papers:


Examination Regulations:

Communication to Students:

Checklist for the Examination:

Duration of examination
Number of students
Invigilators required and contact details
Person to open up hall (collect keys from Services in Blackrock where relevant)
Person to bring exam papers to hall
Person to bring exam answer books/mcq answer sheets to the hall
A class list including photographs should be brought to the hall to record attendance and verify students’ identity (class lists are available through Infohub)
A contact list for all invigilators and lecturers in each hall/room used

Please click here for a dowloadable .pdf of the above checklist.