Special Extern – Research Degree

Special Extern Examiners are appointed by the University to examine a thesis for a PhD, Research Masters, MD, or other Doctoral degree.

A Special Extern Examiner:

The responsibilities of a Special Extern Examiner are outlined in the Theses in Graduate Research Programmes Policy.

Upon receipt of the research thesis, a Special Extern Examiner:
  • Writes a preliminary (individual) thesis report, after the initial examination of the thesis.
  • Formulates, as a member of the examination committee, the joint thesis report with the Internal Examiner and Chair.
UCD pays the following fee which is subject to income tax - for the examination of a research thesis:

-  Extern Examiner claim form- PhD Degree (viva voce examination)
-  Extern Examiner claim form- Research Degree (no viva voce)

UCD covers the accommodation, travel and subsistence expenses associated with a viva voce examination of a PhD candidate, up to the following approved limits.

Special Extern Examiner duties do not normally require attendance in the University for more than two days per annum. Length of stay usually does not exceed 1-2 nights for an EU visitor or 1-3 nights for a non EU visitor. When you visit UCD, accommodation will be reimbursed up to and not exceeding €125 per night on submission of vouched receipts. If a longer/ more expensive stay is necessary, prior approval to cover additional cost is required from the relevant Head of School.

Travel Expenses
Travel expenses are paid by UCD to cover your visit to the University on submission of vouched receipts. It is requested that the most economical form of transport to UCD is used, which may include flights (economy class only), parking and taxis. Flights should be booked as far as possible in advance in order to obtain the most competitive rate. It is advisable that all Special Extern Examiners have their own travel insurance.

Details of subsistence rates are available on the UCD Bursars website.

Incidental Expenses (where applicable)
UCD covers incidental expenses on the submission of vouched receipts up to the daily subsistence rate of €33.61.

Submitting Expenses
Special Extern Examiners are required to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements that will be covered by UCD once the appropriate Claim Form and all the necessary receipts have been submitted to the relevant Head of School in UCD for payment authorisation.

Submitted expense claims are processed with electronic payment transfer to the bank account of the Extern Examiner within 6 weeks of receipt of the completed and approved Claim Form from the relevant Head of School in UCD.

Income Tax on Fees

Extern Examiners normally resident in the Republic of Ireland, who have never worked in UCD, should complete an online hourly set-up form. Please, refer to the Claimant User Guide here. The claimant must choose the correct School/Unit & School/Unit contact. Once approved, UCD HR will email the claimant with the Personnel Number. After receiving their Personnel Number, claimants must submit the completed Extern Examiner Claim Form and all receipts to the relevant Head of School.

Non-Republic of Ireland Residents
Please refer to the details of income tax on fees for Extern Examiners who are not resident in the Republic of Ireland.
For further information please contact externexaminer@ucd.ie or +353 1 716 1600.

For payment queries contact assessment.payments@ucd.ie or +353 1 716 1421.

Postal Address
Extern Examiner Administrator,
UCD Registry,
Tierney Building,
UCD Belfield,
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